Pawswap (PAW) Sets New ATH with 2000% Surge – What’s Next?

• Pawswap (PAW) has surged over 2000% in the last two weeks.
• The token marked an All-Time High (ATH) at $0.00000008662.
• Pawswap is building a decentralized exchange over the Shibarium network with Bitrue and Biconomy as new listings.

Pawswap (PAW) Sets New All-Time High

Pawswap, a native token for the upcoming Decentralized Exchange (DEX), has surged 2561.3% in the last two weeks and set an All-Time High (ATH) of $0.00000008662.

Token Built Over Shibarium Network

The DEX is built over the shibarium network and has no direct relationship with the underlying network or shiba’s developers. A day before, Pawswap also introduced a new design for their website to improve user experience on the platform.

Statistics of PAW Token

The token was launched on February 6th and was listed on five to six exchanges soon after its launch. At present, its price is $0.00000007961 with 24-hour trading volume at $25 Million and total supply limit of 1 quadrillion PAW tokens.

New Exchanges Listing PAW Token

Bitrue and Biconomy are some of the new exchanges that have listed Pawswap’s PAW token recently to expand its reach among traders worldwide. However, further benefits can only be seen once their DEX launches officially.

Growing Community Around PAW Token

In addition to this, developers are also working on building community around this memecoin which will bring more visibility to it in near future