Google Races to Catch Up in AI Revolution: New AI Writing Tool Launched

• Google announced its upcoming generative AI integration across its various platforms, including Workspace, Slides, Docs, Sheets, Meet and Mail.
• The AI-enabled workspace suite is expected to arrive for English-language users in the U.S. by the end of the month.
• Google’s AI writing tool will allow users to generate text automatically after typing a few words about the topic and edit and refine the generated text with more AI suggestions.

Google Rushes to Catch Up in the AI Race

Google has been trying to catch up with OpenAI ever since it introduced the conversational bot ChatGPT and Google’s first move on AI was with its own chatbot Bard. Now, Google has brought a new way to generate text with AI in Docs and announced its upcoming generative AI integration across its various platforms including Workspace, Slides, Docs, Sheets, Meet and Mail. According to Google this feature comes with new ways for summarising and generating text using their own AI capabilities.

How Does It Work?

The AI system will complete writing within seconds allowing users to then edit and refine it with more suggested features from their machine learning algorithms. This tool will be initially exclusive in Docs and Gmail but Johanna Voolich Wright VP of product at Google Workspace highlighted that “AI is no replacement for Ingenuity creativity and the smarts of real people”.

Where Will It Be Available?

The feature is expected to be available for English language users in US by end of this month which will offer automated notes on Meet as well as creating images videos or audio clips for presentations on slides for example!

What Else Can We Expect From Google?

With all these new features from Google many expect them to be able to create better output than previously shown from Bard however only time will tell if they can truly compete against OpenAI’s ChatGPT offering!


Google certainly seems eager not just to catch up but surpass OpenAI in this race for Artificial Intelligence dominance! Their latest announcement could start us off on an interesting journey into what might come next so watch this space!